$250.00 CAD

Harmony of the spine

A safe and precise program to create space and harmonize the tension around your spine! 

Harmonizing and improving the quality of your spine will not only help you improve your range of motion, but also your quality of life. This program will help you create space in the spine and between the vertebrae to help all the organs and nerves in your body function better, give you more energy throughout the day and prevent pain and discomfort.

This program will help you build a foundation of stability and mobility in your spine (from neck to pelvis). It will also take into account its connection to the diaphragms, the nervous system and all the muscles and ligaments along the vertebraa.

What is included::
✶ 19 movement videos
✶ 3 pacing options to follow the program at the speed that suits you best
✶ A printable PDF to help you track your practices
✶ A self-assessment questionnaire to qualify your progress
✶ Lifetime access *
✶ Bonus practices and accountability emails

The program is designed to follow the fascial connections throughout the body to make it as harmonious as possible. You'll start with the introductory video to familiarize yourself with the platform and process.

Each week you will have stability and mobility videos to practice for 20-40 minutes. The exercises will be related to an area of the body. For example:

✢ Overall spinal lengthening
✢ Strengthening in the neck
✢ Pelvis and lumbar spine
✢ Neck, shoulder blades and shoulders
✢ Thoracic cage and upper back
✢ Lower back, pelvis and hips
✢ The 4 diaphragms
✢ Calming the nervous system
✢ Harmonizing the spine with the pelvic floor

This program is for you if::

- You would like to improve the resilience of your spine and prevent pain
- You suffer from chronic spinal pain and have been recommended by a health care professional to follow a movement program to improve your well-being
- You do a lot of rotational or impact sports (tennis, golf, running, mountain biking, etc) and would like to strengthen your core and improve your performance
- You would like to increase your energy level and feel more free in your body.

This program is not for you if::

- You are pregnant
- You are in acute pain
- You have severe joint limitations (shoulders, hips)

You are hesitating and would like to know if this program is the right choice for you? Contact us at [email protected]

* We guarantee lifetime access as long as the Ode platform is in place. Business and technological conditions are always changing.

Legal and medical disclaimer

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  1. We are not medical health practitioners or mental health providers and we do not claim to be in any capacity. Rather, we are Osteopath, coaches and guides to help you achieve your own health and wellness goals.
  2. Ode strongly recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.